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30.10.2017   Oslo
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Dashboard in a Day session

KPMG and Microsoft would like to invite health institutes (HF-ene, kommuner, private hospitals) to join a "Dashboard in a Day" session. A team from KPMG Norway and KPMG UK together with Microsoft will assist participants building a dashboard, using the latest Microsoft technologies, for an area they want to have insights in. At the end of the day, participants will have a framework and sometimes even a running version of their dashboard.

All of this is based on experience that KPMG has gained from building KODE for Healthcare: an analytics platform for the healthcare sector. The MS Azure powered data warehouse is curating a wide range of publicly accessible signals and indicators that helps to provide a view into the quality, efficiency and financial performance of healthcare services. The platform makes use of Power BI for dynamic data visualization and interactive data discovery.

The platform has been successfully used across a wide range of projects in the NHS (National health Service in the UK) and also in Canada, providing key data insights including:

Operational excellence: helping providers to identify potential savings opportunities by benchmarking key areas like Length of Stay, Did Not Attend (DNA) rates and Workforce. It crucially incorporates deep dive modules that make use of local provider data to better understand hospital throughput, flagging efficiency opportunities in areas like Theatres, Outpatient Clinic Planning and understanding high utilizers of service who consume large amounts of resource (time and costs).

Place Based Care: To meet the challenges of the future, there is increasing recognition local healthcare services will need to collaborate more effectively. This demands the development of systems of care that better manage common resources to deliver more value for local populations. This is a big ask, and demands extensive data analysis at every stage. The KODE platform is being deployed to provide geo-spatial analysis, helping to provide suggestions as to how services can be reconfigured by for example combining local GP practices into Hubs. It uses MS Power BI mapping capability to present a view of performance at a regional and local level, highlighting unwarranted variation and suggesting areas to focus on.

Please click here to find out more information about KPMG’s KODE (KPMG Online Decision Engines) for Healthcare, and which includes a useful video about its capabilities.


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